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You could say I became a photographer by accident.

I was a student journalist in 2012 when I entered the world of photography. It was while I was on assignment covering Occupy Wall Street that I was struck with the realization that my coverage could not be complete without images of the people who were the driving force behind the movement. As I had this epiphany, the crowd parted and I saw that I was standing across the street from a camera shop, so I took a breath, laughed to myself at the coincidence, and bought a Canon Rebel T3. I’m pretty sure there were sunbeams involved.

The first time I felt the shutter release, I shuddered, and fell in love. A few months later, I took on my first private client, and discovered how rewarding it is to help people capture the important moments in their lives so that they can put down their phones and truly be present.  

Now I spend most of my free time either combing the internet for new camera gear and new clients, studying to learn new techniques, or taking and editing photos. If you are thinking of hiring me, just know that regardless of your background, ethnicity, aesthetic or life choices, I will accept you and enjoy your company.


Chase Collum
Jamaica, NYC
+1 206 931 3780